Posted: 24-01-2022

Hello everyone, The HMB GB Events Calendar has arrived! Online version First up is the link to the online version of the calendar. This version automatically syncs which means that updates will show up as the master calendar is updated: Download version The second link is to the downloadable version which can be downloaded to any account and added to a calendar. Please, note that you will need sync turned on to allow updates and new events from the master calendar to show up: For event organisers; Please, check the calendar when you're planning your events and tournaments.

Posted: 15-01-2022

Stories are easy to miss, so to make sure you don’t miss a BIG one, we’ve screenshot it for you. Here it is: a MVF of the 2020-21 season, captain of White Company - Lukas Kowal!!!

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Posted: 02-01-2022

Time for women's 5vs5! 3rd place of the season went to Swords Of Cygnus from UK. Unfortunately, we had not so many female buhurts last two years, we hope that new rules will allow us to gather more teams at the tournaments! British buhurtswomen managed to visit one and organize the second tournament in western Europe, and their stable effort let them reach 3rd place in the world ranking! #HMBIA #BuhurtLeague #SeasonAwards

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Posted: 24-12-2021

We could not beat their Christmas artwork, so from HMB GB to all the fighters, both here and around the globe, the club and team supporters, and the fans - have a good one this year, and despite what ever ups and downs you have had, find next year a better one. All the best, from HMB GB Trustees and Executive Committee

We extend our holiday cheer and wish you and your family have a very happy and healthy holiday and hope you are also looking forward to an armor-clad 2022 together!

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Posted: 14-12-2021

One more expected and promised addition of the XI World Championship Battle of the Nations is the experimental Full Plate Harness tournament with 5 exciting categories. Check all the rules and regulations by the link

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Posted: 03-12-2021

Men's 12v12: The first season among clubs is over. Unfortunately, there were not so many tournaments as we would like to have. 1st place: Bern, Russia & Belarus. The Strongest and the Largest club in the World. Club, which is able to make several full stong teams for 12v12. They didn't lose any tournament this season. 2-nd place: KonGo, Russia. The Severest Ural club, always ready to fight, always ready no knockdown. Everyone know these red and white fighters in Maltese tabards and their work with two-handed falchions. 3-rd place: NSK, Russia. If WoL had to travel to the EU to take their place in the 5vs5 ranking, NSK had to make even more travelling to central Russia from their home town - Novosibirsk. Siberian force, that's all about them. 4th place: White Company. The club, which never lost a fight in 12v12. The club, which never fought as 12 in the 12v12 category. Even with this Handicap they are too much ahead of other British teams! 5th place: Hansa, Russia & Kazakhstan. Another Ural club, which is ready to go to any tournament, always ready to fight, club that fears nothing! 6th place: Bayard, Russia. Strong, powerful, competitive. They won the first Buhurt Prime, do you expect anything less than fighting for the gold?? 7th place: HMB Academy Spb, Russia. They show us that learning from the best brings its benefit. 8th place: Primus. The second British club. Their progress is visible and very soon White Company will have some problems even on home tournaments! 9th Place: Russian Order. Club has not so many fighters, but most of them are strong enough to fight on the top level. Nice reinforcement for any club which is not able to make their solid team! 10-th place: Western Tower. The most ""European" Russian club that is known to everyone. We think that our Polish friends are missing them. Last time their union with Bayard has shown the great entertainment for all of us! #12vs12 #buhurtleague #ИСБ #HMBIA

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Posted: 03-12-2021

The season is finally over. Season 2020-2021 was two years instead of one, but these two years were difficult for everyone. So many tournaments were lost, we are missing of them and hoping for their return in the next one. But with the end of the season we have our season leaders!!! Men's 5vs5 1st place: unreachable Prague Trolls SKSKB PRAHA, Czech Republic with a HUUUUUGE gap to their closest chaser! They won 8 of 9 their tournaments in two years! 2-nd place: Legenda Północy, Poland. 9 tournaments, 57 fights! Expressive progress! 3-rd place: KS Rycerz, another Polish team with the same number of tournament as LP. Their will to remain the best Polish team got strong opponent this year and we will see what Buhurt Prime will show us! 4-th place: Warriors of Light MFT, Ukraine. The team that had to travel more kilometres than anyone else to reach their place! And the one with not so many tournaments in the season. 5-th place: Unbeatable White Company, United Kingdom 100% Winrate, 4 tournaments. 3 of them are in UK, but the only one outside of the home country was Buhurt Masters which brought them direct invitation to the Buhurt Prime! 6-th place: Grimaldi Milites. Monegasque team from one of the smallest country in the word reached 6-th place this time. They had an exhibition fight last Prime, now they will fight in the main event. Great progress, great performance. If they manage to keep this growing, we will see the hardest fights pretty soon. 7-th place: Partizan, Russia. Stability and brutal force. just 1 lost fight in two years! One of the strongest Russian teams. Unfortunately, they were not able to go to Europe during covid, but who knows where we will them next time! 8th place: Lions of Steel Medieval Fightclub, the Dutch team that made a HUGE step forward during 2020. Their 2021 was not so successful, but we are sure it was just "charging" before the final clash. 9-th place: Bear Paw, Russia. We will be short here. Winners of the Season 2019. Winners of the Buhurt Prime 2020. 10-th place: Old Friends, Russia. the 3-rd Russian and the 3rd Bern club team in top10. The team is able to surprise almost every tournament. What will they show next? Full ranking table #buhurtleague #ranking2021 #Challengethebest #BuhurtPrime #HMBIA #BuhurtNext

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Posted: 02-12-2021

Female 5vs5 Final Ranking 1-st place: Bern, Russia. 3 tournaments, 1 lost fight at the Rekon. A new just solid club team was created just at the beginning of the season. 2-nd place: Bayard (f), Russia. ex. Iskra. The team made a small rebranding before Rekon and it made its result! The first tournament, the first victory! 3-rd place: Swords of Cygnus. British team that decides if there is no tournament, they should create their own! Two tournaments in the end of the season with a great performance! 4-th place: HMB School Spb, Russia. Another "school team". The first tournament with 3rd place. That's what learning from the best means! 5-th place: Prague Vixens. Czech girls have shown us that if you want to fight, you must be ready for travelling. Two tournaments, Switzerland, United Kingdom, so far away from Prague. What will they show at local tournament? 6-th place: Dies Irae. New alliance of the strongest French Female Fighters. Come, win, leave. Thats about them. We hope they will travel more than typical French men's teams. 7-th place: Newbery Harpies. We had just one tournament in South America. They won it with avegare score of the round 4! 8-th place: NSK Women, RUssia. Even for fighting inside their own country they have to travel a lot. But they did! 9-th place: Dragonas, Argentina. Second place at Argentinian tournament. They won their fights with almost total dominance. 10-th place: Katyusha, Russia. After leaving their Bern and Bayard teammates to their club teams, the team met some difficulties. We hope they will break through them and smash! #HMBIA #BuhurtLeague #Female5vs5

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Posted: 26-11-2021

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are proud to present to you... the confirmed dates of the XI World Championship Battle of the Nations!!! Mark them in the calendar and see you all in Romania!!!

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Posted: 19-11-2021

Tournament announcement Castleton Cup Buhurt Challenger 16 April 2022, United Kingdom Here we go, the first European tournament announcement for the season 2022! Male 5vs5 / 12vs12, Female 5vs5 Maximum teams - 15 teams 5vs5 (in total) Registration starts 15 January 20:00 CET #HMBIA #BuhurtLeague #HMBGB

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Posted: 02-11-2021

The Cygnus Cup Alex Titov - August 9, 2021 0 The Cygnus Cup Social networks: Date: November 6, 2021 – November 6, 2021 Venue: Registration: Organizer: Knight Marshal: Conference: Western Europe Invicta London and surrounding counties, United Kingdom White Company , United Kingdom White Company , U...

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Posted: 18-10-2021

Congratulations to Swords of Cygnus on their bronze medals at Tournament Columbier in Switzerland 🇨🇭 🥉⚔

Tournament Colombier 2021 🇨🇭 . 5 Cygnets journeyed to Switzerland last weekend to fight in the gorgeous hills of Milvignes. We took BRONZE in our first Buhurt Open tournament. Without sounding like a broken record, I am hugely proud of Rach, Lisa, Becka and Rach who fought with such boldness and tenacity. We fought with only 4 in many rounds and beat the odds in some of the toughest fights I've ever had. Would love to say a huge congratulations to Dies Irae, Prague Vixens and Helvete for the ferocious fights and so wonderful to see new female fighters from Europe. . Massive thank you to the Primus lads for every second of your support, we're blessed to have you in our corner always. Thank you to Frank, Rose, Yan and all those who organised this tournament and to Alexander and the whole marshaling team. . Thanks for all your support and love from home. We're all almost home now and Lisa is home and looking forward to some recovery time. Results: 🥇 Dies Irae 🥈Prague Vixens 🥉Swords of Cygnus . MVP: Jo Booth . Buhurt League

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Posted: 17-10-2021

Congratulations to all our competitors who travelled to Switzerland and made it possible for UK teams to take part. A special mention goes to those who were singled out for their performance or came away with medals, a fitting tribute to their hard work and determination to succeed at the sport.

Posted: 16-10-2021

Primus and Swords of Cygnus are in Switzerland this weekend - see live stream

Posted: 05-10-2021

Our next main UK event.

The Cygnus Cup Alex Titov - August 9, 2021 0 The Cygnus Cup Social networks: Date: November 6, 2021 – November 6, 2021 Venue: Registration: Organizer: Knight Marshal: Conference: Western Europe Prague Vixens Prague, Czech Republic Primus Grantham, United Kingdom Hellions Gloucester, United Kingdom...

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Posted: 01-10-2021

Passage of Arms duel results. An excellent weekend for our new fighters

Posted: 25-09-2021

Invicta have managed to get a livestream up and running for this weekend

Posted: 16-09-2021

On the weekend of the 25/26th September Invicta will be hosting the Passage of Arms event for new fighters to the sport near Cobham. Unfortunately on this occasion they are unable to facility any public attendance, and there is no live stream, though photographs of the event will be available afterwards. We hope that all the new fighters that attend have a good weekend, and afterwards their enthusiasm for more competition will be even greater.

Posted: 11-09-2021

White Company - 1st at Torneo Delle Alpi, Italy

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